Opening the doors to housing through education

In 1998, the Portland Housing Center began working on a housing readiness curriculum for renters having difficulties finding housing due to their rental history, poor credit or their criminal background. The result is Ready to Rent, a training offered by licensed agencies and certified instructors. In addition, a three-hour training is available for landlords interested in gaining success strategies for tenants with barriers.

Today, Ready to Rent is a stand alone company with over 30,000 graduates throughout the United States and Canada.  Using the information and skills they learned, several thousand graduates have successfully found appropriate rental housing. 


When I was 19, my mother put in her 30-day notice at the apartment we lived in and said I couldn't move with her. So I kept the apartment and got two roommates.  Neither one did anything financially to help and  I didn't have a job.  So I got evicted for non-payment of rent.  Then  I heard about Ready to Rent from a friend.   She said it could help my rental credit.  I learned a lot of  things including  resources I never knew were available.  I learned to be dedicated and determined to help myself.   


Ready to Rent graduates represent individuals who are:

  • Homeless
  • Employment Program Trainees
  • Youth
  • Domestic Violence Survivors
  • Transitional Housing Residents
  • Inmates
  • Recovering
  • Addicts
  • Developmentally Disabled and
  • Other people unable to rent housing and trying to improve their situation

Ready to Rent is being taught by treatment and correctional facilities, school districts, United Way agencies, housing coalitions, Mutual Housing Associations, NeighborWorks America agencies, Housing Authority agencies, departments of corrections, Veterans programs, and other organizations in the United States and Canada.

The curriculum was created with the help of landlords, social service agencies and committed volunteers.