My story began with going through health problems that forced me to change my life style and my career. I fell into financial distress and depression. I felt that I would never get out of. Ready to Rent has shown me I can live again and get second chance.

The Ready to Rent Curriculum


Designed to provide instructors with the necessary tools to conduct the Ready to Rent program, this curriculum was prepared by professional curriculum developers with input from landlords and housing specialists.  Ready to Rent teaching methods utilize peer interaction and keep students involved and interested.  

Adult Learning Principles in Housing  Readiness Education
This component is designed to help instructors gain the skills necessary to teach adult learners. Please read this section before starting any Ready to Rent class. Adult learning principles are also covered in the instructor training.

The Trainer's Guide to the Ready to Rent Action Kit                                                            

Ready to Rent teaching methods utilize peer interaction to keep students involved and interested. Variety and pacing give the lessons appeal. The teachers guide provides a scripted presentation: appropriate stories, case studies, and other activities contribute to the success of the program. Instructors are encouraged to apply their own teaching styles and use the script as a guide.


Action Kit

This is the set of materials given to participants in the Ready to Rent class; it is “the curriculum.” Instructors make copies of these pages and place in a notebook for each student.  This book is divided into two sections. The first is called the “enrichment pages” or the read & learn material. The second section are the “action pages” or participant activity sheets. The Trainer’s Guide directs instructors on how and when they are used.

Action Kit, Adapted Version

This version of the Action Kit is designed for people with special learning needs such as illiteracy, attention deficit, slow learning, comprehension, poor site (the text is enlarged), etc. This version includes a blended format (reading materials and activity pages are woven together)  

Ready to Rent Forms

Includes official and sample forms used for Ready to Rent.  Agencies have the option of adapting the sample forms or creating new forms based on program requirements and guidelines.

Sample Marketing Materials

Use these sample marketing materials to inform renters and landlords about Ready to Rent. They include an Orientation Packet, general information flier for renters, the Landlord’s Guide, Ready to Rent referral fliers (given out by landlords to denied applicants who could benefit from a R2R class), and other useful samples. PowerPoint presentations are provided on CD.