It has been  exciting  to watch people    renew their belief in   themselves!  Ready to   Rent empowers   people to clean up   their credit  and   establish new goals.  Ready to Rent not only   provides people with a   second chance to be   successful tenants, but   it also broadens the   market for rental   property owners and   helps lower their risk    for potential loss.  

Fill vacancies by providing a second chance to educated renters

Ready to Rent: A New Approach to Old Problems
Ready to Rent is an innovative education      program designed with the assistance of      landlords, social service agencies and          curriculum specialists. It is designed to help renters overcome barriers to housing while assisting landlords in filling vacancies.

  • Find tenants who understand their responsibilities and are committed to being successful renters
  • Help give community members a chance for a new start in their own home
  • Become a guest speaker in a Ready to Rent class in your local area
  • Get referrals of Ready to Rent graduates seeking long-term housing

To learn more, contact us for the Landlord Guide to Ready to Rent

Ready to Rent Landlord Training

A three-hour training is offered to educate landlords about the Ready to Rent program model. The training also focuses on strategies for success with tenants.