Ready to Get Started sets the tone for all succeeding sessions.  A good part of this session is spent establishing a level of comfort with peers and trainers. Instructors emphasize to participants, with help from peers and trainers, that they can take charge of their own situation and take positive actions to improve.  

Ready to Solve Problems includes participants completing their action plan contract, based on identified challenges in the areas of Rental History, Money Management, Income, Credit and Finance, Legal Problems, or other identified issues. Interactive workstations are established in the classroom around each of these topics, with work plans for participants to undertake and complete.

Ready to Prepare Finances focuses on producing a workable budget or "spending plan." Participants begin with choosing and prioritizing goals. Then they take a look at current spending habits and compare it to an analysis of their income. They stop briefly to consider moving expenses, and with a proposed spending plan that sets them on the road to renting.

Ready to Shop for a Home has three major themes: Finding a place; the application process; and an introduction to the rental agreement. Participants begin by reviewing housing needs and wants identified and prioritized in the first session. Participants use these priorities to create a shopping list to screen available rental units. After learning to read want ads, participants model communication skills for making calls and talking to landlords.

Ready to Settle In is all about being a successful renter. The session begins by examining the rental agreement in close detail. Participants then identify problem-solving strategies and practice their skills in implementing them. This session is designed to strengthen the message that participants must understand and follow the rules in their rental agreements.Further, when problems arise, they must address them in a business-like way.

Ready to Move On is the last of the series and is focused on successful completion of tenancy and of the training. Learning activities are directed to "moving on." The content emphasizes ordinary and proper moving procedures but also considers the possibility of eviction. During previous sessions, participants collected questions that they need expert help with. In this session participants will meet with experts to have questions answered and problems addressed. The instructor invites appropriate experts, based on the work during sessions one through five. A graduation ceremony is held and designed in such a way as to impress upon participants the importance of what they have accomplished and to reward their work.